Welcome to INSANITY Live

The ULTIMATE workout DVD has now become the ULTIMATE group workout class to push you to your limits to get maximum results.

Each INSANITY session will be pack with cardio and plyometric drills with intervals of strength, power, resistance and core training all this without a single piece of equipment and YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN AWESOME SHAPE TO GET STARTED!

This exercise to music class will be high charged and high energy. Your DNA instructor will take you on a fitness journey that will leave you wanting more. All drills are done to time rather than to the beat so worry not if you have to left feet or struggle to keep to the beat of conventional classes as our focus is on the quality of the movement, the intensity and in turn… THE RESULTS!

All we ask is that you give it your ALL during your session, focus on the quality and instruction and the results will speak for themselves.


Traditional interval training is based on short bursts of high intensity cardio with longer breaks in between intervals while MAX interval training flips the concept for longer high intensity bursts and shorter 30 second breaks between intervals.

This brings the heart rate up higher, for longer, and in doing this Insanity helps you MAXIMIZE your workout and burn upwards to 1000 calories in one workout session!

So the question is… Do YOU have what it takes to complete the Insanity Workout Program?

The programme works. You will be burning upwards from 500-1000 calories a session if you truly give it your all. Your body will be completely shocked and forced to melt the fat while you charge up your cardiovascular strength to levels you never thought were possible!

But only if you want it bad enough!!!!!


The INSANITY workout is completely FREE and included within the VIP membership.
The class has a 30 minute and 1 hour format so be sure to check out which one you are booking in for.

GOLD and STANDARD members can redeem one of your pre-purchased sessions to book in and gain access to the INSANITY experience.

Fancy trying it out? Why not register for your FREE 7 day VIP member experience?

Booking in is easy. Simply visit the normal booking page at and simply select the INSANITYsession.


Pick a time and location that suits you!


The Lower Academy School



Boswells high school



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